Voice Loss and Laryngitis Dos, Don’ts, and Home Remedies

Trouble being heard? If in addition to having lost your voice, you also have a dry cough and an itchy or sore throat, you probably have laryngitis. If you are also experiencing a fever or find breathing difficult, see an otolaryngologist (ears/nose/throat doctor). Otherwise, the precautions and remedies presented here can help you cure laryngitis at home. More »

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How to Increase Your Energy Levels

Feeling low on energy? There are several things you can do to rev it up — without drowning yourself in coffee! More »

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To Decaf Or Not to Decaf?

Caffeine is a powerful psychostimulant that can give you a short term energy, alertness and mood boost, as well as a long term addiction. Unfortunately, most decaffeinated or “decaf” beverages, such as coffee, sodas, and tea, retain enough caffeine for you to develop an addiction, as well. More »

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Health Benefits of Tea

Whether it is black, oolong, green, yellow or white, tea made from the leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis offers many health benefits. More »

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Menopause 101

Women who are approaching or have recently reached menopause are facing hormonal changes that may lead to sleep disorders, mood swings, and other stressful conditions.

The relatively sudden drop in estrogen and progesterone levels causes symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. About 80% women in western cultures experience these symptoms that make both falling and staying asleep quite a chore. Add to that the need to visit the bathroom more frequently, and you have a recipe for a sleepless night. Sleep deficit and the resulting fatigue make dealing with daily stress even more difficult than it may have already been.

Your mood is controlled by the hormone serotonin. Lower estrogen levels around menopause may cause your serotonin levels to drop, and this may lead to mood swings, which can be very stressful not only to the peri- or post-menopausal woman herself, but also to everyone in her immediate environment.

What can you do to improve your sleep, as well as keep your mood up and lower your stress as you are going through this major life change? More »

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